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Metafore Castings Private Limited, established in 2018 has been set up with a clear vision of the future of the foundry industry and the way ahead for it. With a revolutionary new technology, the Lost Foam Sintered Shell Process (LFSS), Metafore aims to completely change the thought process on designing and manufacturing top quality steel and stainless steel castings.

At Metafore, our single minded focus is to delight our customers by offering cost effective castings of any complexities varying in weight from light to heavy of the highest quality.

Whilst this technology is not restrictive of any metal, we at Metafore can more than assure our customers of taking over their headaches in Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, and higher grades of Steel such as Duplex and Super Duplex.

With the single minded aim of supplying such top quality castings, Metafore houses all the required infrastructure and capabilities under it roof. A truly world class manufacturing facility that has been designed to meet any and every requirement of our customers.


Darshan K Dalal 

With a degree in Management with Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Leeds, UK, Darshan was well aware of the tremendous benefits of the Lost Foam Process and the truly transformational effect it could have on the way castings manufacturing could be completely re-engineered. A well qualified professional with extensive commerce and industry background of nearly two decades, He, along with his brother Jairaj founded Metafore Castings after years of research, planning and understanding the needs of castings users globally.


Jairaj K Dalal

Armed with a degree in Finance and Management from the University of Monash, Australia, Jairaj has been instrumental in the planning and execution of Metafore’s world class plant. Currently, he oversees the production and technology related aspects of Metafore’s operations and under his stewardship, Metafore has established process and production standards leading to the complete delight of all of Metafore’s customers in record time.

Vision Statement

At Metafore, the pursuit of excellence, sheer efforts and our mettle, combined with our honesty of purpose propel us to envision ourselves as an organisation that is truly worthy of being called world class and path breaking in every sense.

Our vision is to propel Metafore to becoming a globally recognised producer of the highest quality of engineering products with practices, procedures, technologies, equipments, and most of all human intellect of the highest caliber.

We endeavour and strive to be globally recognised as an organisation of true excellence.

Mission Statement

Metafore Castings aims to be recognised as a supplier of steel castings of the highest standards in terms of quality and reliability with an aim to completely unburden our customers with their concerns related to all aspects of castings procurement.

Aspects of health environment and safety of all stakeholders is of paramount importance at Metafore and the company shall strive to attain, maintain and even go beyond prescribed standards.

At Metafore, we believe that the focal point of all our efforts are our customers and to delight them with our products as well as our service standards is our sole aim. Our mantra is ‘Our customers are our lifeline’. We are totally committed to the needs of our customers by doing everything humanly possible to deliver castings as per schedule and quality standards which will assure the market competitiveness of our customers and enable sustainable mutual growth.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in everything that we do. We will not permit ourselves to accept industry standards as being good enough, but will rather assume a leadership role for setting standards that the industry may follow.

At Metafore, our mission is to see this organisation worthy of being able to supply castings to any and every standard set by our customers in every part of the world.

Metafore Castings Private Limited

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